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  • The Adjustable Pet Cat Dog Car Seat Belt is a reliable and essential accessory for pet owners who travel with their beloved furry friends. This seat belt ensures your pets' safety and comfort during car rides, providing peace of mind for both you and your pets.
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3 Main Reasons Why Your Pet Loses Control!

1. High Energy or Excitement:

Some high-energy pets may jump out of the car because of excitement, a sense of speed, or a feeling of restlessness, wanting to experience the outside world.

2. Not SAFE or Comfortable in a Car:

If your pet doesn't feel safe or comfortable in a car, there's not enough room for them or a lack of a suitable kennel or leash. In that case, it will try to get out of the situation on its own.

3. Attractive Scents:

Pets may jump out of the vehicle if they smell an appealing odor outside or around the vehicle.

What You Should Know About Dog Seat Belts?

A dog seat belt, also known as a car tether, is designed to securely keep your dog in place while driving in the car. These seat belts typically attach to your car's existing seat belt buckle and your dog's harness. They are made from durable materials similar to leashes and harnesses, with some models featuring chew-proof fabrics to prevent escape attempts. Using a safe and comfortable dog seat belt is crucial to prevent distractions for drivers caused by unsecured dogs. It is essential to clip the seat belt to the back clip of a harness rather than a collar on a dog's neck for the safety of your pet.

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The outstanding designs we bring to you!

We take advantage of the 2-point safety lock on the vehicle and the integrated lock design to keep your pet safer.

We are more sophisticated in using stainless steel clips and can rotate 360 ​​degrees to keep your pet fixed and moving in any situation.

Taking full advantage of the above two factors, this safety leash can keep your pets secure while driving without having to worry too much about them.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are dog seat belts safe?

Dog seat belts are great for pets when properly installed and attached to a harness. The Center for Pet Safety encourages you to select a quality, crash-tested harness to protect your pet. Dog seat belts tend to be suitable for larger dogs, while smaller dogs may be better off in a carrier or dog car seat.

Where should a dog sit in the car?

In general, dogs should sit in the back seat with a seat belt to avoid distracting the driver or obstructing the view. However, some dog car seats or dog seat belts allow smaller dogs to safely sit in the front while secured.

How do you install and attach a dog seat belt?

One end of the dog seat belt clips on to the dog's harness while the other end, which typically looks like a regular seat belt buckle, usually clips right into a car's existing seat belt slot. Dog seat belts with latches instead of buckles will need to be attached to the rear seat latch hook.

Do I need a dog seat belt when I'm driving with my dog?

Some dogs are calm in the car and tend not to move much, but you can't predict what other drivers might do that could cause you to stop short. A good seat belt provides an extra layer of peace of mind on the road.