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Are you looking for a unique and fun way to keep your beloved feline entertained?

Look no further than the Smart Rotating Ball Reap all of the benefits associated with an intelligent, interactive pet toy that is great for exercise and training. Keeping your pet happy and well-exercised is easier than ever before with this cutting edge, automatic rolling feature. Just give it a touch, and let the cat ball do its thing as it moves along floors and rugs, creating hours' worth of entertainment for cats.

Ideal for indoor playing, cat owners can be sure of peace of mind knowing that their whiskery friends are getting plenty of physical activity when playing with the Smart Ball. 


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Obstacle avoidance feature

The smart cat ball is equipped with advanced sensors that allow it to sense and avoid surrounding obstacles, ensuring safe and fun playtime for your feline friend.


Two modes of action

The smart cat ball has two modes of operation: normal and advanced. To activate the normal mode, press and hold the power button for three seconds. The ball will then roll around and avoid obstacles for five minutes, or until it detects no interaction from your cat.

To activate the advanced mode, follow the same steps as the normal mode, but with an added benefit: the ball will automatically turn on again when your cat nudges it, even after it has shut off due to inactivity. This way, your cat can enjoy playing with the smart ball whenever it wants, without any hassle.


Made of 95% Silicone rubber for better noise reduction


The smart cat ball boasts a high-quality rubber composition, which accounts for 95% of its material. This feature not only minimizes the noise generated by the ball’s movement, but also enhances its resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting and satisfying play experience for your cat.


Rolls on all surfaces

 The smart cat ball is designed to roll on any surface, no matter how rough or tough it may be. Whether it is a carpet, a hardwood floor, or a tile, the smart cat ball can navigate smoothly and effortlessly, providing your cat with endless fun and excitement.


Compact and paw-friendly design

The smart ball has an optimal size that allows your cat to play with ease and maintain control at all times, also the small size of the ball replicates the size of the prey which is more likely to trigger your cat's hunting instincts compared to regular sized balls


USB-C Fast charging

 The smart cat ball features a USB-C fast charging technology that allows it to reach full battery capacity in just one hour, ensuring a long-lasting and uninterrupted playtime for your cat.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Why do cats need interactive toys?

Toys play an incredibly important role in stimulating your cat, helping to maintain their behavior and well being, as well as providing exercise. They're particularly crucial for indoor cats, who may not enjoy as much stimulation as their outdoor counterparts.

How often do cats need stimulation?

“Generally if your cat walks away, is getting agitated, angry, stressed, too intense or becoming too stimulated, you should stop playing,” says Hartstein. “Several shorter play sessions tend to suit many cats better than one longer one.” Four 10-minute sessions a day is a reasonable guidepost, says Dr. Osborne.

Are electronic toys good for cats?

Electronic toys can be great for cats,” she says. “They are no substitute for human/cat play sessions, but they are an excellent way to keep cats stimulated when humans are busy.” Of course, higher-tech toys do tend to be more expensive, which can be stressful for parents with finicky felines.